How the Recovinyl Certification system works

To meet the VinylPlus objective of saving resources by encouraging the recycling of PVC and its use in the manufacture of new products, Recovinyl works as a neutral mediator between recyclers and converters. Its role is to, on one hand certify the quality and volume of recycled PVC being put in the market by its recycling partners and, on the other hand, certify the volume of recycled PVC used by its converting partners on new products. 

Recyclers need to show what they can offer to reassure their customers about the content of their recyclate. Recovinyl will validate the authenticity of the data corresponding to a particular batch of materials, which will be traced by a unique ID number.  

Converters are also in need of showing that they are using recycled materials, either due to legal requirements or simply to compete in the marketplace. Sustainability criteria have an increasingly important marketing value in our society and Recovinyl would contribute to give credibility to any claims about the use of recycled PVC in certain products. 

Recovinyl works with both parties, recyclers and converters, through 3-year service agreements that will be annually reviewed. Recovinyl certifies: 

  • Output of recycled material at the recycler’s. Full traceability 
    • Production batches to be identified with a unique ID number
    • Indicate percentage of recycled material, origin (post-industrial or post-consumer) and type of applications
  • Input of recycled material at converter’s
    • Register incoming streams with specific data & ID numbers
    • Recycled material at converters shall be administrated before re-use 

Certification is based on the EUCertPlast protocol [link to full protocol document ] which has been recognised by the European Institutions as the standard for plastic recycling certification.  Audits will be carried out by external, independent auditors from EUCertPlast who guarantee confidentiality as they are not part of Recovinyl. They are trained and regularly tested to make sure they can perform their certification accurately. 


Recovinyl will, in no case, gather or publish any confidential or sensitive information from the companies being audited. For more information please consult our confidentiality charter [link to charter document] to be signed with all participating companies.

Latest news

VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 639,648 tonnes of PVC within its framework last year; of which Recovinyl remained the main contributor.